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What to wear!

I would like to know what you would choose to be dressed in for your funeral?  There are a range of outfits and reasons behind a choice, so let’s hear from you and start a discussion.  In describing your choice of outfit or covering, I’m interested in the reasons for your choice, for example, a dress that you believe makes you look good, a shirt that you love the feel of, a shroud that is made by those you love, with love, a scarf that was given to you by someone close to you, as well as the colour/s of the outfit.

It is common amongst funeral directors to experience a family expressing concern about their beloved feeling the cold, so socks and blankets are offered to cover the body.  I see this as an act of love and concern that cannot be stopped in its tracks at the immediate announcement of someones death.

How do you wish your funeral to be?  How do you envisage your death?  Do you have questions or plans about your funeral ceremony?  If you haven’t given it thought yet, I encourage you to do so and to please share your thoughts.



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