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State of Grace workshop in New Zealand

I’m excited about a workshop coming up in Auckland New Zealand, hosted by State of Grace Funerals, on November 17th.  If you happen to be in Auckland on that day, you might like to join the workshop from 1-5pm to learn more about shrouds and a range of techniques to decorate some chosen cloth.

The idea of a shroud workshop is to talk about shrouds and how they can play an important part in your end-of-life preparation or that of another, allowing reflection and consideration of yourself, your family and friends, as well as organising your ideas and thoughts into a manageable design.

Shrouds involve, rhythm, contemplation, meditation, emotions, talk, silence, music, words, images, cloth, thread, ink, paint, sewing, and most importantly, your presence.  By being present when creating something of love for another, we can offer no greater gift than our time and being there and being involved.


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  1. gloria jean

    is the venue power/wheelchair friendly??

    • helen

      As it is hosted by State of Grace, you will need to contact them via the link that is attached in the posting.

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