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When it comes to making something, often our biggest fear is that we’re not creative or good enough. To make a shroud you don’t need a fine arts degree nor need you have ever sewn a stitch in your life.

Shroud making is expression from the heart, pure and simple.

Do not confuse the purpose or end results of a shroud with factory made products or high-end artworks.  If you can produce fine work that is wonderful, or if you want to buy factory made, that too is your choice.

A shroud is a length of cloth used to cover or wrap a body for funeral ceremonies.  It is a concept that has been used for thousands of years in many different cultures. The use of dressing the deceased in everyday clothing has been sporadic throughout history, driven by culture, economics and necessity.  Jewish and Muslim cultures have consistently used funeral shrouds.

Like a comforting and protective sheet, the shroud that I facilitate you to make, or can make on your behalf, are of natural, plant-based or animal material such as, cotton, linen, wool, silk or even leather and soft barks that is tucked around the body like a comforting sheet.   Using natural fibres is so that the material decomposes and has little to no impact on the environment. If the idea of stitching words, or drawing and painting on cloth does not appeal, you may with to use the deceased’s clothing or any special material they may have stored to make a patchwork shroud or funeral garment.

Decorating the shroud can be done by using any combination of the following: sewing, appliqué, painting or drawing any image, symbol and/or words.  Fresh flowers and herbs also look beautiful placed on top of the shroud.

Shrouds are a befitting garment that compliments a body in repose and are much easier for whomever’s task it is to dress the deceased.

Shroud making is an inclusive activity that provides opportunity for family and friends to participate, regardless of age, belief in creative ability, or compatibility.  Shroud making allows you to invite others to participate in the project by adding personal messages written on the cloth or placing a letter into pockets attached to the cloth.

Shroud making is about the experience of being involved in the funeral process, of connecting to your own spirit and to the life of the person that has lived.  I hope to encourage you to reduce the use of unnecessarily expensive coffins and flowers, and place more emphasis on your involvement and presence by gathering flowers, making a casket, speaking about your loved ones life, singing a song, or whatever you see fit to do in order to have a befitting death ceremony.

Should you desire something more than a shroud, I can provide assistance to create a kimono or kaftan style garment or make one on your behalf.


Shroud Memento offers the following:

  • coordinating and supporting you and others to make a shroud between the time of death and the funeral service.   My role is to offer ideas and coordinate yours, giving instructions on material sourcing and suitable methods of applying the design and support through to completion if required.
  • making bespoke shrouds for those who prefer to have one made by me;
  • workshops are available to those want to prepare for their end of life, or to make one in preparation for someone terminally ill or as a memento.
  • pets too deserve our respect and attention.  Making a shroud as a group project is another way to embrace death as part of life and honouring our furry friends.


With minimal notice, a simple yet effective design can be completed in a four-hour time frame once the material has been obtained and a design organised or, in as many days that you have available between the announcement of death and the service.   Just as people decorate cardboard coffins between the time of death and the service, shrouds also can be created in the same amount of time.

Additionally, shrouds can be used as a pall, draped over the coffin during the service and later kept as a memento.  Shrouds can be made to mark an anniversary and be displayed as decoration, or used as a comforting cover for a bed.

Should you like a shroud to be made by your family/friends for when you die it is important that you leave instructions with your family, executor of your will, and as part of your funeral and end-of-life plan.

Shrouds shown in the Gallery are samples of what can be done.   Each shroud will be as unique as the person it is for and the possibility of designs are endless.   The purpose of a design is to capture the essence of your loved one and your feelings for them.

The shrouds are works of love not works of art.  Everything is achievable no matter what artistic ability you believe you have. Workshops are not craft workshops per se, but craft and artistic elements are used for the purpose of making the garment and getting your thoughts and emotion organised onto the cloth.  The intention and time you put into making this gift is an act of love.

Shrouds are suitable for pet burial.  Decorating a pet shroud can be another opportunity for children to be involved and pay respect to the creatures who selflessly enrich our lives.



I charge $80 per hour for consultation, coordination and bespoke making of a shroud.  When making bespoke shrouds, approximate quotes only can be given based on the design requested, materials to be used and the estimated time it will take to complete the shroud.   You will be kept informed if a quote alters.  Based on the simplest design, the cost of a shroud starts at $400.

If travel of some distance is involved, a fee of $35 per hour is charged.  Sourcing materials is $35 per hour additional to cost of materials.

Call for a discussion and quote on 0405 284 612 or email