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shroud memento


Helen is the woman behind Shroud Memento – she runs workshops and coordinates the making of a shroud, a bespoke cloth used to wrap loved ones in. She seeks connection to the best of human experience via creativity, pragmatism and meaningfulness.

Shrouds can be used as a covering for the deceased instead of clothes used when they were alive, a memento or keepsake for the bereaved, as a funeral pall to drape over the coffin for service or  it can be made retrospectively in honour of a loved one with the benefits of unifying relatives and friends, or perhaps for an anniversary. There are some spectacular samples of her work available on the website – they are simply breathtaking!

More about Shroud Memento and Helen…

My current creative project is… Coordinating a workshop of a small group of people to be filmed by ABC TV program Compass.

My next creative project is… To organise an exhibition of shrouds I have started designing to address the denial and fear of death in western culture and the lack of ceremony that results in exclusion of the bereaved.  I also wish to address other issues around death such as organ donation and the emotions of the bereaved.

What’s flavouring my art right now… I have always loved textiles, flowers and any organic matter that has good form, colour and texture, such as bones and rocks.  Constantly inspired by contemporary artists who uniquely express their ideas, I have forever loved the work of Antoni Gaudi, Frida Kahlo and Marc Chagall, amongst others.

What I like right now… I like the freedom I have given myself to allow the creative and meaningful that was lacking in other work environments.

Favourite website… A wonderful poet, storyteller, musician, singer/songwriter and Canadian, Tanya Davis.

Tanya has an original and poignant observation and expression of the human condition and makes words flow whilst delivering inspiring intelligent thought.  People may have seen on social media a video by Tanya and co-creator, Andrea Dorfman, called How To Be Alone.

An Australian website belonging to Blue Mountains based artist, James Blackwell, for his sublime work and the clarity and sereneness of his website.

Favourite watering hole… I tend to gravitate toward Citrus on King Street when craving a chai latte or green tea because of its location and constantly friendly staff.  Overall, my own kitchen provides the best food and drink with special purchases from the Everleigh Markets on Saturdays.

Favourite Marrickville secret… Whilst no secret, I like Reverse Garbage and Addison Road Community Centre, and when they have their second sales, MUD ceramics have very affordable seconds sold at their factory based in Chapel Street, Marrickville.



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