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It Could Be You!

Dying to Know Day (D2KD) is held on Friday, August 8th an event organised and hosted by The GroundSwell Project  It is a day of information, contemplation, celebration and action.  It is about discussions on our experience of death and what we know, or don’t. It is about the choices we make in preparation for our end of life, or don’t, and it’s about finding out the types of things we can do but are seldom told by those in the funeral industry, or feeling comfortable in our communities to ask the questions we wish to ask or to speak the stories about the death of our people without deemed to be morbid or inappropriate.

My role in D2KD is to host a free workshop for someone who would like to start a shroud for their own end of life preparation, or to make a shroud for someone as a gift.  It could be a shroud for someone in memoriam or for a family pet.

What you can expect in the workshop is four hours of introduction, exposure to ideas, assistant with your own ideas, and commencement of a shroud.  I will also offer follow-up advice should you require it.

The workshop will be held at my studio in Newtown on a day and time that will suit both parties.

Contact me via if you’re interested and the workshop will be offered to the first interested person.



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