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In between the lines

Recently I read an article about Pia Interlandi, a garment designer who makes garments for the dead.  A talented and educated woman, Pia’s work was written up in a publication in the UK not known for quality publishing.  The article drew quite a few unnecessary and negative comments and it made me wonder why.

If I see an advertisement for shoes, clothing or food that I don’t favour I do not respond by telling the retailer how much I dislike their wares.  Clearly, the article about Pia Interlandi’s work hit on a raw nerve with some readers and I suspect it is due to that powerful word ‘death’.  The word draws anger from some, denial from some, interest from some and misconceptions from some.

An ideal response would be to seek out and attend public forums and discussions about death outside of its current containment in hospitals, palliative care, funeral homes and the homes of families who have suffered loss, in order to prepare well for the end of our life and the contribution such preparation offers to living our lives well.

Dying to Know Day will be held on August 8th, providing a wonderful opportunity to seek out information about death, dying and grieving, but most importantly about living well.  The GroundSwell Project’s website lists the events of talks, information or publications that are available to attend,  inform and assist you.


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