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Good Grief

An acquaintance said recently that when something sad or traumatic (or both) happens in our lives we not only have an emotional response to that event but that our current grief taps into old grief.

Life happenings don’t finish; they build into our physical cells and with such storage, lies a reservoir of grief topped with more grief.

On Radio National today I heard part of a program about our need for all human emotions to be expressed in order to communicate with one another and a few things said resonated with me.  The first was that there is a richness and complexity to being melancholy.  The second, that we should be allowed to be sad without explanation or apology, and lastly, that sadness does not equal inability to cope.

I always feel gentler with myself after crying.  It seems to dissolve something within and signals self acceptance and resignation to what I’m feeling at the time.

Sadness is often seen as a malady, quite possibly mislabeled by those who fear it or don’t understand the emotion as well as they may accept and promote the emotion of happiness.

I am interested in any thoughts you have on the topic.


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