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Funeral Celebrants Association event

 Image of myself in the (background) and a funeral celebrant (foreground) modelling a shroud she fancied.
Held on Sunday 25 August 2013, funeral celebrants from around New South Wales attended this annual all day event to hear a range of speakers provide them with information about their vocation, innovations within the funeral industry, topics of a sensitive nature and a sharing of how varied and talented celebrants are.  There were some excellent discussions and some hard questions asked.
Attendees of the day, familiar to me, were Kerrie Noonan, founder of  The GroundSwell Project and Victoria Spence founder of Life Rites.    I was invited as a guest speaker to talk about Shroud Memento and providing me with my first opportunity to shape into words an inaugural speech on what my business is and how it came about.
The very emotion and beliefs that drive me to develop Shroud Memento, were present in the people in that room who understood exactly what I was talking about due to the very work that they do.  As a sole operator, it made me feel part of a much larger family and increased the context of where my business sits, the conversations to be had and the information to be shared.
Should you have any questions or queries about the Funeral Celebrants Association click on the link below.

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