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Five Regrets of the Dying

Recently I picked up a book from the library, just as I was about to leave the building, as the image on the cover had caught my eye.  When I saw the title The Top Five Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware I suspected I was onto something.

This book has been a joy to read as it strikes a few parallels to my own life and has given me great insight into the lives of others.  When we hear the word death or dying we think of a finality yet for me death is about living and how we live right up to ‘the end’.  I have no idea what comes after we expire so my only focus and interest can be about life and when it comes, our stages of dying which is also about life.  And yet we don’t talk about our death or that of another with a manner that is comfortable or as natural as we accept other aspects of natures end, nor do we prepare for the final stages of our life.  Not everyone gets to prepare for death should it be sudden yet living life to the best of our ability does in a way.

Bronnie Ware’s book about the vocational change she has made in her life and the work she has done with the dying is well worth the read.  For an overview on the book click on the link below.


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