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Eulogise Yourself

ABC television recently commenced screening a series called Making Couples Happy about couples brave enough to share the difficulty in their relationships with an aim to improve.

One of the tasks given to the couples was to write their own eulogy.  The purpose of the exercise is to get individuals to see the entirety of their life with focus on the goods things that are easily overlooked when experiencing difficulty and losing a sense of balance as to who we are and how we view life.

If you’ve ever written a eulogy for someone you will know what it feels like to assess the life of another.  What would you write about yourself and what is the perception you hold of how others see you?   Perhaps share this task with someone to encourage you to start and complete the exercise.

Making shrouds for another, or even ourselves, requires the same assessment in order design a visual map of a persons life.

On a finishing note, I was told during the week of a man who attended a funeral.  Afterward, he phoned a sibling to tell her how much he loved and valued her.

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