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Compass program 20 March 2016


The Executive Producer of ABC TV program, Compass, contacted me when she read about the work that I do with Shroud Memento.  That program went to air on Sunday March 20th 2016.  For copyright reasons I’m unable to post the video of the program on my site but whilst the link is still available, you can watch it by clicking on the following titled Melany’s Remedy Series 30 Episode 4.

By watching this program you will have a better insight into the work that I do with Shroud Memento.


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  1. Nena Patel

    Hi Helen,
    Wow. The ABC program was very informative and your insight into funeral shrouds was very interesting and personal. Something I learned as a child when my father passed away. He was covered with my mums white sari stitched with his favourite flowers. So thank you.

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