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Yesterday I hosted a workshop as a contribution to the important event of Dying to Know Day, an event that hosts and supports celebration of life and information about end of life preparation and after death ceremonies.

Isabella, who travelled from Melbourne to be with her ill friend, Marie, arriving before Marie died soon after.  Isabella came to my studio to work on the ideas she had in mind for a shroud for Marie yesterday.  Isabella presented with a piece of calico tie-dyed blue because Marie loved water.  She brought patterned material to make a heart-shaped centre that will feature a photo of her friend, and cut out blue birds, creating a connection to the brooch Isabella wore to our workshop.

We chatted about the life of Marie and her family, Isabella’s life and life in general.  We spoke about the lost art of craft and our previous work environments; it’s what shrouding is all about, really, interspersed with tea and biscuits.  The four hours were without measure.  Isabella and I both stitched parts of the applied cloth.  A candle was lit to represent the life and light of Marie.

Yesterday was about creating a space for all that was meant to be said and done for Marie’s shroud.  And it did.  Peace to Marie, her family and friends.  Keep the celebration, information and conversation alive.


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