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ABC television program, Artscape, featured Pia Interlandi from Melbourne who makes garments for the grave.  Pia’s garments dress the body in a more elaborate process than the sheeted shroud yet still produces the many benefits to the bereaved at an emotional, spiritual and physical level and encourages us to start thinking about our own impending death and having conversations about what we want to happen when we die.

It is rare to participate in conversations about our mortality because it is shunned by our Western society as morbid, or it is deemed as unnecessary or even provocative to raise the subject of death.  And yet there is no logic to any of this.  What is madness is to think that we should ever feel apologetic for death.  We prepare for the coming of a birth, we prepare for school, we prepare for the workforce, we prepare for engagements, weddings, civil unions, travel, house buying, career changes, retirement etc and the list could go on.  So why don’t we prepare for death?

Birth and death are such powerful and life changing moments amongst other things.  Have you ever taken the time to define who you are and consider what symbols, colours and ceremonies would best represent you?  Could you do this for another person close to you?

Pia Interlandi’s business Garments for the Grave is inspiring, as are the other creative women I have met to date on my journey in shroud making and growing Shroud Memento.  See links below.

Victoria Spence

Deb Taylor

Groundswell Project

Pia Interlandi on ABC Artscape



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