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An Eye for An Eye


On February 16 the weekend Sydney Morning Herald published a story  by Julie Power about organ donation.  The family had lost a vital member, their father, from oesophageal cancer and it was his nine year old son, Tom, who said upon his death, “Can dad still be an organ donor?”

The subject of organ donation has been in the news for some years and surfaces every now and again, most recently, on the television program, Can of Worms, as a contentious issue, partly because we have unfounded fears about death and the afterlife.

From the mouths of babes, the SMH quotes young Tom as believing that some people think organ donation is bad because it desecrated the body.  “You’ve enjoyed your life, and now you can give someone the opportunity to have a good life, too,” Tom said.  National donation Life Week starts February 24th.  

Personally, I am happy for anyone to have any part of my body as is needed once I am gone and have this marked on my licence.

To read the full story in the Sydney Morning Herald, click on the link below.

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