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Calling All Angels

Whilst many of us gather with friends and family for Christmas and the New Year Period, it may not only be the embodied who gather.  The spirit of those deceased are often remembered at this time of year due to an anniversary and because they too were an important part of festive gatherings in the past, may well be amongst us.

We can remember them in many ways, such as using a recipe of theirs or recalling their seasonal antics and all round contribution to making Christmas an enjoyable time.

Jane Siberry, one of my favourite singers, who wrote a song titled Calling All Angels, suggests belief that the spirits are close by to guide us, console us, be with us.  Click on MoIgJ6_TyVY and if this doesn’t work, search  She performed the song whilst visiting Australia in 2010.

May your angels be with you at this time of year as you feel the spirit and love of good will and connection to the planet earth. Merry Christmas


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